Pure essential oil Rose of Morocco

Rose is called the queen of flowers not without reason, but it can also be called queen of fragrances. Strong, sweet smell of roses has...

Harmful Substances. What Should Be Excluded From Cosmetics?

Preserving agents are added into cosmetic products in order to prolong their expiry date. They suppress the increase of bacteria. Meanwhile they have a destructive influence on the cells of our organism. For example, broponol can release dangerous carcinogen nitrosamine which provokes emergence of cancer. All of us have heard about “E” supplements, some of which possess rather harmful properties. E-210, E- 211, E-212, E-213 and E-321 are toxic carcinogens irritating skin and mucous membranes. More information is available in special lists of dangerous preserving agents.

Essential oils: User guide

Our position regarding the use of essential oils is that all the oils in our store are produced in Switzerland under strict state control, are undiluted, pure and 100% natural, suitable and safe for therapeutic purposes. We do not recommend taking essential oils inside without control, as they are highly concentrated and can harm the body, ingestion is possible only under the supervision of an experienced specialist or doctor. The same position is held by the international Federation of aromatherapists.

Beginner’s guide to essential oils

We start with the basics! Essential oils are a powerful medicine, and the good news is that you do not need to have a specialty of a chemist and biologist to know how nature gives such amazing therapeutic properties of essential oils, do not need to have a practice of healing in the field of aromatherapy and naturopathy, all you need you have right at your hand. Phytotherapists, aromatherapists and naturopaths use in their practice more than 300 essential oils, each of which has a proven therapeutic property and a positive result of application. This amount of essential oils may seem extreme, but don’t worry! You certainly don’t need to have 300 essential oils at home. A good collection of 10 universal essential oils is suitable for the correction and prevention of most ailments.