If you wish to get our Vivasan card and get a discount in the amount of 23% of a retail price, you will have to buy 5 Vivasan products in our shop.

How to get your discount card?

  1. When you buy five products of your choice at the same time, you receive a discount card.
  2. You will need to fill a registration form to receive a unique card number. If the form has not been filled, we cannot issue the card.
  3. The card can be issued in Vivasan main representative office and will be posted with your first order. You can use this card from next your order.

How to use your discount card?

  1. Once you have received a discount card, you can use it and receive discounts at any time in any country where there is a Vivasan representation office. Provide the card each time you purchase Vivasan products.
  2. You can use the discount card with no limitations. Get acquainted with the company regulations.


  • Depending on the amount of your future purchases of Vivasan products, bonuses will be awarded on your discount card (see bonus awarding scheme).
  • You can use your bonuses when buying any Vivasan products (only in the country where you purchased your card, if you buy more products in any other country, we have the right to transfer your number).
  • You can learn about the current status of your account bonuses via the Internet (distributor account).
  • All accumulated bonuses are deducted from the total sum of your latest order beginning of each month. You will get your voucher if you have bonuses.

Vivasan offers high-quality and effective goods. All our products are manufactured in accordance with the GMP standards. The backbone of our commitment is more than 20 years of experience in global markets, as well as hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.