Food supplements are intended to correct nutritional deficiencies, maintain an adequate intake of certain nutrients, or to support specific physiological functions.

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100% pure essential oil mixture Oral hygiene, 10 ml


Acerola with vitamin C, 60 chewable tablets


Agliata with garlic and herbs, 160 g


Agliocrat with extract of garlic, hawthorn, olive oil and vitamin B1, 60 capsules


All day fit A-Z compact with vitamins and minerals, 100 tablets


Alpine herbs balm with shea butter and 33 herbs oil, 10g


Artichoke Apero with artichoke leaves, fennel fruit and peppermint leaves extracts, 500 ml


Artichoke with choline, artichoke leaves and milk thistle extract, 30 capsules


Blueberry Vital with iron and vitamins, 500 ml


Bobycare intimate hygiene wash lotion, 200 ml


Calendula body lotion with Avocado oil, 200 ml


Calendula extra rich care cream for sensitive skin, 100 ml


Cell Care with wheat germ extract and vitamin E, 60 capsules


Cider vinegar, 50 chewable drops


Cistymin with plant extracts and vitamins


Curcumine with oleuropein with extracts from curcuma, olive leaf and black pepper


Elderberry Drink with elderblossom extract, 500 ml


Exclusive essential oils “33 herbs strong”, 50 ml


Exclusive essential oils “33 herbs”, 50 ml


Eye Care with lutein and vitamin D, 30 capsules


Fito 40 with isoflavones, 60 capsules


Floramax Capsules without lactose and maltodextrin


Forever Young with evening primrose oil and vitamin E, 60 capsules


Fuego seasoning mix, 160 g