“Respect and protect your body as the supreme manifestation of life!”

Body creams and gels with natural extracts of ecologically pure plants and essential oils are not only very carious, but also absolutely harmless to the body and give you a real pleasure. VIVASAN offers the cosmetic and prevention line of products «Body care» which restores vitality of the skin, prevents various imperfections, improves health of the whole family and constitutes an indispensable and inexpensive aid in many different situations that you can face.

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Argana body cream, 200 ml


Argana body oil, 200 ml


Argana hand and nail cream, 75 ml


Bobycare intimate hygiene wash lotion, 200 ml


Body cream Eucalyptus Madeira, 100 ml


Calendula body lotion with Avocado oil, 200 ml


Calendula deo-cream 24 hours


Calendula extra rich care cream for sensitive skin, 100 ml


Deo cream Eucalyptus Madeira, 50 ml


Herb cream foot and nail with arnica, 100 ml


Jojoba intensive cream for extremely dry skin, 100 ml


Juniper warming skin with eucalyptus and cypress, 100 ml


Lavender lotion with jojoba oil, 200 ml


Massage oil Eucalyptus Madeira, 100 ml


Rosedew by Michael Förster deo roll-on deodorant, 75 ml


Rosedew by Michael Förster hand cream, 75 ml


Rosedew by Michael Förster shower breeze, 200 ml


Rosedew by Michael Förster veil body lotion, 200 ml


Shower Gel Tea Tree with Kanuka and Manuka, 200 ml


Soothing and relaxing cream with Lavender and herbs, 100 ml


Tea Tree cream with manuka and kanuka, 100 ml


Thyme cream with eucalyptus, rosemary and camomile, 100 ml


Vivaderm Hypoallergenic cream with urea, 100 ml


Vivaderm Hypoallergenic foam with Mahonia Extract, 250 ml