The company Vivasan holds its leading positions at the european market for already more than 20 years. Such well known swiss companies as Dr. DÜNNER AG, INTRACOSMED AG, OSWALD GmbH, ELIXAN GmbH, GELPELL produce the highest quality therapeutic and cosmetic products, as well as numerous nutritional supplements under the trademark of VIVASAN.

The basis of products are well selected, medicinal herbs and plants collected on certified organic and environmentally friendly farms in Switzerland, which are located in the Alpine and pre-Alpine regions, as well as at the unique biosphere reservation under the guidance of UNESCO.

VIVASAN’s philosophy is to produce the highest quality products for human health without harming the environment.

“Nature was my favorite University”

Alfred Vogel, Swiss naturopath

Medicinal herbs are delicate plants with a hidden huge force of Nature, that are endowed with valuable substances and medicinal properties. What is taken into account in the process of production of the medicines is really the traditional knowledge of Swiss manufacturers concerning the collecting, drying and extraction of medicinal plants, together with modern technologies and the latest laboratory research.

Food additives produced in Switzerland comply with all strict rules of pharmaceutical production, which meets the highest requirements of GMP — quality standard is always a priority of regulations. Our manufacturers allow testing and analysing all raw materials and final medicinal and cosmetic products by independent agencies, such as the Federal and cantonal laboratories of Switzerland.

We care about Nature

Our partner factories use only the «green» energy of renewable resources — hydroelectric power stations of the Swiss Alps. To contribute to global climate protection, producers control carbon dioxide emissions, engage in organic farming, and participate in «Pro Specie Rar» funds programs.

Cooperation with «BirdLife Switzerland» is aimed at preserving, protecting and improving the quality of the environment, including the protection of the natural habitat of wild «flora and fauna» and is the most important goal pursued by our producers.

Health and life in harmony with nature is a conscious responsibility of each person.

The company Dr. Dünner uses only wild swiss plants and excludes genetically modified raw materials. Dr.Dünner uses medicinal herbs collected in Switzerland, or selected plant materials from warmer climates.

All supplies of raw materials for the production of medicines of the Swiss manufacturer Dr. Dünner are subjected to rigorous testing with a clear tracking of all stages: from the origin of the plant to its growth and collection process.

Philosophy of Dr. Dünner company: «Despite the fact that there is a number of producers of organic products on many continents (which also offer herbs and medicinal plants on very favorable terms), we first ask ourselves whether it makes sense to transport the same herbs thousands of kilometers away and buy plants grown commercially or often collected uncontrollably in the wild nature. That is why we decided to use in our production the plants that grow on certified organic farms in Switzerland, in rural areas, away from industrial zones and urban settlements, located in the Alpine and pre-Alpine regions, as well as in the unique biosphere reserve of UNESCO.

If we use plants or herbs that do not grow in Switzerland, but are necessary for production, we get raw materials of environmentally friendly quality from small manufacturing plants, located in more remote countries. All important production stages and final inspections are carried out in Switzerland in accordance with strict Swiss quality criteria».


Intracosmed AG was founded in 1963 as Intrapharm GmbH. Led by CEO Thomas Fruch, The family company, led by CEO Thomas Fruch, is specializing in the development and production of premium cosmetics since 1998 and is headquartered in Urnasch, Switzerland.

Developing and producing cosmetics, the company uses the latest achievements of science and high-tech components in the composition of products. The company Intracosmed (SWIFISS) guarantees uncompromising quality of cosmetics, having such prestigious quality certificates as “BDIH”, and “naTRU”, as well as the certificate”Halal”.

BDIH (Bund deutscher Industrie-und Handelsunternehmen-Federal Association of Industrial and Commercial Companies) is a German Association of industrial enterprises and trading firms that produce pharmaceutical, medical, and cosmetic products. BDIH was founded in 1952, headquartered in Mannheim (Germany), the Association includes more than 500 manufacturers of cosmetics. In 1996, together with leading manufacturers of eco-cosmetics, BDIH developed a set of standards for certification of natural cosmetics.


For more than 60 years, Oswald has specialized in making broths and condiments.

The company’s founder, Maynard Oswald, was committed in researching «raw» ingredients from all over the world. His passion was the discovery of unique spices. The result is that Oswald mixes and seasonings stand out from the usual seasonings for their special aroma and taste. High-quality products of the company «Oswald» are very much admired and impresses its many customers with great taste and many possibilities of their use in the kitchen.

Swiss premium products since 1951

Oswald uses only high-quality, carefully selected raw materials. Processing of products is carried out in a painstaking way at the production located in Steinhausen, Canton Zug. Unique compositions of carefully selected spices or other ingredients are guaranteed to give an unsurpassed taste to your dishes. This unique taste is the hallmark of broths, spices, coffee and desserts!


Gelpell is a Swiss manufacturer of capsules and microcapsules based on the patented and unique Gelpell technology. High quality and control standards provide a complete guarantee of product safety. The entire production process takes place in a factory located in Switzerland (Gähwil/Switzerland).

Gelpell is called a nutritious pearl. This new unique dosage form offers significant benefits. Gelpell technology allows you to combine incompatible substances and process them into high-quality digestible gelatin with a concentration of up to 50%. Gelpell does not use any additives or preservatives in the production of capsules. The matrix of natural polymer gelatin is dissolved in warm water or gastric juice. Active substances stored in a three-dimensional gelatin shell, very quickly dispersed in water and easier to digest by the body.

Are your raw materials soluble, insoluble or oily? Are they difficult to handle or do they react with each other? No problem! We can process these into high quality, digestible gelatin with a concentration of up to 50%.

Appearance. The resulting Gelpell® look great, are round, 0.8mm to 2.0mm in size, easy to handle and they are comfortable to swallow. Exclusive to the Gelpell technology is the ability to produce transparent Gelpell®, which can not be achieved by other standard processes i.e. extrusion or layering on sugar cores.

Advantages. “Clean label” or organic-labelling? As you wish, nothing stands in your way. Gelpell® do not require any additives or preservatives. The taste of many raw materials is masked by gelatin. Even valerian extract can be enjoyed in this way. Sensitive substances are protected by the insertion in the gelatin matrix e.g. olive polyphenols from oxidation. The hygroscopicity of active substances is reduced.

Bioavailability. The matrix made of natural polymer gelatin dissolves in warm water or gastric juice. Active substances stored in the three-dimensional gelatin network are very finely dispersed in the water. In case of oily substances, a stable emulsion is easier for the body to absorb.


Elixan Aromatica

Elixan Aromatica is one of the first producers of essential oils in Switzerland and has been the leader of the Swiss market for more than 30 years. The search for how health, a balanced mind and natural beauty can form a harmonious union with nature, led the company Elixan Aromatica to create essential oils.

This search brought Elixan Aromatica to people all over the world, and to this day Elixan Aromatica pleases customers with its unique products and reminds them how plants and their use balance the body and mind. All products are manufactured in Switzerland. Made in Switzerland means the highest level of quality and high-tech processing of raw materials in accordance with the strict rules of Swiss law. Elixan Aromatica products are certified by GMP certificates.



Cosval is a Swiss cosmetic brand with half a century of family business heritage. Sergio Barlocher Cosval founded the company in 1970 in Milano. The company specialized in the production and sale of natural cosmetics and perfumes in the Swiss Canton of Valais and the French part of Switzerland. in the 80s, there were created such brand names as Sanotint, Migliorin and Cosval. All products of the Cosval brand are based on natural herbal extracts collected in Switzerland.