Pure essential oil Rose of Morocco

Rose is called the queen of flowers not without reason, but it can also be called queen of fragrances. Strong, sweet smell of roses has always been associated with luxury, femininity and romance. Rose was probably the first flower from which in the X century in Persia essential oil was obtained. It is believed that the first rose oil was discovered by a great Arab physician Avicenna, perhaps accidentally, during alchemical experiments. By the end of X century, rose oil has been known in the Arab countries.

Cosmetic effect

Rose oil is very useful for skin care. It is suitable for all skin types, but especially for dry, sensitive or aging skin. Rose oil has a toning and astringent effect on the capillaries and blood circulation in general, so it helps to get rid of the redness caused by dilated capillaries on our cheeks.

Rose oil smooths wrinkles, restores contours of the face and eyelids. As a powerful regenerating product, rose improves skin elasticity and firmness. It normalizes the secretory function of the skin, restores the protective mantle, and eliminates skin hypersensitivity.

Eliminates inflammatory rash, it is also effective against eczema and dermatitis. Rose oil has a resolving effect on small area scar tissue. Eliminates puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, swollen eyelids.

Erotic effect

Aphrodisiac. This oil makes women fell feminine and attractive. A touch of rose brings the feeling of freshness, serenity and harmony. Makes you forget the complexes and embarrassment.

Impact on the emotional sphere

Rose is the fragrance of Venus, which, like the planet, is a symbol of youth and love, it attracts passion, luck and is ideal for meditation and self-improvement. Rose essential oil increases work efficiency, relieves fatigue, prevents the development of stress and stimulates creative and intellectual development.

The effect of rose flower oil invigorating and soothing, it is particularly effective in eliminating neurotic disorders and increasing work efficiency.

The effects on the nervous system toning. Rose contributes to self-perception harmonization, in particular, helps to develop a sense of self-sufficiency.

This oil promotes unobtrusive communication and friendliness, relieves irritation, frustration and negative emotions, including disappointment in romantic relationships. As it is an aphrodisiac, it awakens femininity, sensuality, helps with emotional perception disorders of your sexuality.

Rose enriches and emphasizes emotions, gives them great depth, removes irascibility and develops self-irony. Rose oil has a strong but soft antidepressant effect, which is recommended for post-par tum depression, inferiority complex or experiencing a breakup.

Bioenergetical action

Rose converts unproductive bitterness, frustration and sadness energy into self-improvement energy and objective assessment of the problems. People who constantly use Rose oil, cause sympathy in others at first glance. Rose helps to feel the pleasure of being alone. It gives love, fertility, healing, purity and sanctifies your house.

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