The Hearty Artichoke: Is Worth Loving. And you?

Anyone who knows how to make veggies taste great knows that artichokes make it to the list of the ones with the best potential for taste. Who can resist a mouthwatering platter of grilled artichokes mixed with olive oil and a sprinkling of sea salt, or a bowl of artichoke dip that gets wiped out in minutes? Fact is, artichokes are popular for its taste and the big bonus is you get a lot of health benefits from chowing it down. Here is a couple you’ll appreciate knowing (and will perhaps make you reach out for an extra serving or two!)

Fact 1: Artichokes are power-packed with antioxidants

Love a good helping of fruits because of the antioxidants? Well now you can get them from your veggies, too – namely, artichokes. The USDA conducted a study that showed artichokes actually have the highest level of antioxidants among all vegetables. In another study, it secured seventh place in terms of antioxidant levels of over one thousand different foods.

Fact 2: Artichokes Encourage Regularity of Bowel Movement

Artichokes are high in insoluble fiber, which make it a natural and gentle laxative. It easily absorbs water and gathers bulk waste so you can do “Number 2” easily and with more regularity. If you have difficulty moving your bowels or do not really get enough fiber in your everyday meals, the addition of regular servings of artichokes can help move things along!

Fact 3: An Artichoke is Your Liver’s Best Friend

The antioxidants found in artichokes and any artichoke drink provides your liver with benefits, too. Numerous studies also indicate that it may even encourage liver tissue regeneration.

Fact 4: Artichokes Promote Better Digestion.

Adding a lot of artichokes to your diet can help banish your digestive demons. It does your body good because artichokes or an artichoke drink are a natural diuretic. A serving of artichokes or an artichoke drink can improve gallbladder functions, too.

Fact 5: Artichokes Work as Great Hangover Treatment

Sounds weird, right? But it’s true, and many hearty drinkers can attest to this. The primary reason as to why artichokes make a great hangover treatment is because of its many benefits to the liver – which is the organ that is most affected by ingestion of alcoholic beverages. Helping yourself to a generous serving of artichokes after a night of merriment with lurid liquids can ease the “cotton head” feeling that comes with a hangover.

So there you have it – five facts about artichokes that are worth knowing and compelling enough to make you want to incorporate artichokes into your daily routine. If you do not have time to prepare artichoke meals in many ways, you can still have your fill of it thanks to an artichoke drink. Rich in artichoke extracts, an artichoke drink is the fastest way to have all those antioxidants and flavonoids in your system at any time of day. These also taste great as many an artichoke drink is combined with peppermint and other natural ingredients to make the whole task of consuming tablespoons of it actually enjoyable.  All you need is to take one to two tablespoons of artichoke drink (equivalent to 20 ml) after your meals and you have your day’s serving in a jiffy!

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