Highly efficient nutritional Swiss supplements.

Vivasan mineral and vitamin complexes and drinks made in Switzerland accordance with traditional Swiss recipes and principles of herbal medicine and naturopathy. All stages of production take place exclusively in Switzerland, which guarantees a perfect product quality as well as a full control from the moment of collecting of ingredients up to the final product. Vivasan’s products meet the strictest pharmaceutical standards of GMP, which is considered to be one of the main ones in defining the highest requirements for the production of medicines, dietary and food supplements and is being tested in Swissmedic.

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Acerola with vitamin C, 60 chewable tablets


Agliocrat with extract of garlic, hawthorn, olive oil and vitamin B1, 60 capsules


All day fit A-Z compact with vitamins and minerals, 100 tablets


Artichoke with choline, artichoke leaves and milk thistle extract, 30 capsules


Cell Care with wheat germ extract and vitamin E, 60 capsules


Cider vinegar, 50 chewable drops


Cistymin with plant extracts and vitamins


Curcumine with oleuropein with extracts from curcuma, olive leaf and black pepper


Eye Care with lutein and vitamin D, 30 capsules


Fito 40 with isoflavones, 60 capsules


Floramax Capsules without lactose and maltodextrin


Forever Young with evening primrose oil and vitamin E, 60 capsules


Ginkolin forte with Ginko biloba extract and B1, B6, B12, Niacin, 60 capsules


Glucochon forte, 120 tablets


Harpagin forte with devil ́s claw and boswelia serrata, 30 capsules


Horse Chestnut and Grape leaves extract, 60 capsules


Kolestina 10 Complex fermented red and black rice


Linofit capsules with CLA and vitamins B1, B6, C and E, 60 capsules


Liver protection ultra plus vitamin E, 60 capsules


Mg8 Magnesium Salts, 225 g


Mg8 Magnesium Salts, 90 tablets


Migliorin gel capsules for hair and nails, 45 capsules


Migliorin Tricox 20+20+20 innovative treatment preventing hair loss


Nigenol capsules with Black Cumin Oil, Vitamin E, C, Biotin and natural Carotenoids, 60 capsules