Oswald — Swiss culinary arts since 1951.

Oswald has stood for the Swiss culinary arts for nearly 70 years. Oswald products are manufactured exclusively in Switzerland — the cultivation, collection of raw materials and the production itself is carried out by a Swiss company. Unsurprisingly, Oswald products have become a Swiss favorite, as every dish prepared with Oswald products has a familiar and traditional Swiss flavor that you can now taste on your plate — a unique Swiss flavor — exclusively for VIVASAN.

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Agliata with garlic and herbs, 160 g


Fuego seasoning mix, 160 g


Mountain Juniper syrup, 470 g


Napoli seasoning mix, 160 g


Primavera seasoning mix, 150 g


Sea salt with mixed herbs, 420 g


Seasoning mix Oswald Green Curry


Seasoning mix Oswald Red Curry


Seasoning mix Oswald Salad-Mix Classic


Seasoning mix Oswald Salad-Mix Italiana


Soup Oswald Cream of boletus


Soup Oswald Cream of potato and leek


Soup Oswald Vegetable


Spice marinade Oswald Pepico Classic


Spice marinade Oswald Pepico mustard and honey


Topping Oswald Blueberry


Topping Oswald Caramel


Vegetable bouillon, 500 g