Low-calorie products manufactured by Oswald company (soups, sauces, seasonings) contain all the necessary vitamins and microelements for your body, have delightful taste and are easy to cook. It’s convenient to take these products to a trip or a weekend out of town.

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Do you fancy garlic bread? Then simply season a little butter with Agliata, spread this on your bread, and place it in the oven. And those who do not like cloves of garlic in their fondue will find the ideal substitute in the seasoning mix. Produced in Switzerland

Fuego seasoning mix

Fuego seasoning perfect combination for lovers of hot dishes. The fiery flavour of chillies and herbs evokes the hot Mexican sun. Fuego is suitable for dip sauces, vegetables, meat or sauces. Use Fuego to create a sophisticated sour cream dip for corn on the cob for your next barbeque. The caloric value of 100 g is 225 Kcal. Made in Switzerland

Sea salt with mixed herbs

Be vital — stay vital! Amazing taste! A rich, finely balanced seasoning mix containing sea salt and seaweed with mixed herbs and vegetables (onion, parsley, garlic, dill, basil, thyme, celery etc.) to enhance the taste of ready-to-eat meals, to season soups, vegetables, meat, fish, salads, eggs, rice, potatoes, French fries, etc. Contains natural non radioactive iodine (seaweed) and contains valuable vitamins and minerals. Made in Switzerland

Vegetable bouillon

Swiss vegetable bouillon contains granular vegetables. Low calorie and fat free vegetable bouillon with vitamins and minerals, source of ionized iodine. Vegetable clear soup can be used for cooking and seasoning: soups, sauces, pasta, meat, fish, side dishes etc. You can drink as a ready bouillon with a hot water from a mug. Brings the freshest treasures from the garden into your kitchen! Easy to take with you for work or a trip. Produced in Switzerland