Natural Swiss high-tech “Viva Beauty”.

All products of our Vivabeauty  anti-aging line are enriched with stabilized vitamins, amino acids, extracts from a rare plant: alpine edelweiss. Rich of essential oils and do not have artificial colorants or preserving agents (parabens). The formula has a relaxing effect on the skin, helping to reduce expression lines, protects against negative environmental influences, promotes natural collagen formation and fights wrinkles in the long term. Sounds good … and most importantly, it’s real! A perfect example of the symbiosis of nature and high technology. That is why we rightfully call our products “natural Swiss high-tech”.

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Anti-Aging day cream Secret of Serenity, 50 ml


Anti-aging night cream Secret of Serenity, 50 ml


Bioforskin Gel Organic Botox with Spilanthol and Hyaluronan, 30 ml


Face oil Secret of Serenity, 30 ml


Ultrasonic A-900


Vivabeauty peptide eye contour cream Secret of Serenity, 15 ml