Give Your Skin a Boost with the Calendula Wonder Plant

Interested in incorporating natural herbs and essential oils into your beauty and skin care routine? If so, you should definitely consider including the calendula plant – a very useful herb that does wonders for your skin. Looking for products that are infused with calendula is easy, for it is a popular natural ingredient in many paraben free products. Most well known drugstores and skin care counters carry calendula cream or a body lotion infused with top grade, Swiss quality calendula extracts. You will not have a hard time looking for a natural cream that includes calendula as one of its prime ingredients.

Calendula for Beauty

The popularity of the calendula plant stems from the fact that it has copious amounts of flavonoids, which are antioxidants that are found in plants. These flavonoids protect cells from free radical damage, which means it helps stave off ageing. If your beauty concern is geared towards delaying the effects of time on your skin, calendula just might be your new best friend! There’s no need to radically change your night time or day time skin care routine; just simply switch your usual cream to a serum or light facial moisturizer with calendula as a main ingredient and you’re good to go. A generous application can also do wonders for skin firmness and hydration, giving you a more youthful appearance as a result.

The Power Agent of Calendula

So, what is it about calendula that makes it a potential skin BFF? Calendula has an active compound called carotene, and when extracted in the right way is a potent ingredient that helps reverse the signs of ageing including wrinkles and fine lines. In a few weeks of using calendula creams on your face, you will really see the difference in your skin’s appearance as it will look more energized and revitalized, with a suppleness to the touch that gives a certain youthful glow to your aura.

More than Just Skin Deep

Those suffering from various skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, slow cell turnover and repair, rashes, skin wounds and lesions will also benefit from the topical application of calendula cream, an ingredient that is also present in many natural first-aid creams. Other good-for-the-skin properties of calendula include its ability to decrease inflammation, fight viruses and kill bacteria. Wound healing takes less time with creams that have calendula as an active agent because it helps increase blood flow and brings oxygen faster to the wound site, thus speeding up the healing process and new tissue growth.

The great thing about calendula is it is very potent and acts fast in nixing skin problems, but it is also very safe for most people. It happens to be a popular active ingredient in many diaper cream brands, thus assuring you that even the littlest of people can benefit from it. Clearly, there is room in your life (and cabinet) for more body products that are infused with calendula – not just for yourself, but for all members of your family as well! Calendula body line by Vivasan: cream, deo cream and body lotion! Natural and tender care for you!

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