Quality without compromise. The perfect combination of nature and high technology.

Cosmetics developers from Switzerland have chosen all the most effective of the Alpine crop science, which allowed them to combine the gifts of nature with modern scientific know-how from around the world. The result of exclusive Swiss technology is unrivaled luxury – unique cosmetics that meet the highest standards of safety and effectiveness. All products are hypoallergenic and free of gluten, paraffin oils and parabens. And, of course, the products have not been tested on animals.

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Anti-age cream “Lotum” Locherber 50 ml


Anti-ageing cream B.T.Y (30ml) Locherber


Anti-ageing serum B.T.Y (30 ml) Locherber


Anti-aging cream “Gold 24K” Locherber 50 ml


Anti-aging cream “Green caviar” Locherber 30 ml


Argana body cream 200 ml


Argana body oil, 200 ml


Argana foot butter 100 ml


Argana hand and nail cream, 75 ml


Bioforskin Gel Organic Botox, 30 ml


Bobycare intimate hygiene wash lotion, 200 ml


Bronzing Powder Duo Golden Bronze SPF 15


Calendula body lotion with Avocado oil, 200 ml


Calendula deo-cream 24 hours


Calendula extra rich care cream for sensitive skin, 100 ml


Compact Eye Shadow 4 Colours


Cream DNA 24 hours Locherber 50 ml


Day cream Super Mallow Locherber 50 ml


Day сream Foundation of Youth


Eau de parfum Absolute Green Tea


Eau de parfum Baltic Amber


Eau de parfum by Michael Förster With Out, 50 ml


Eau de parfum Dark Vanilla


Eau de parfum Fig and Rose of Tabriz