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Viva Cool 2 in 1 shampoo-gel 200 ml

Living in a metropolis it is important to begin and finish your day in the right way. The unique composition of the shampoo-gel 2 in 1 gives rejuvenating and lifting effect to your skin and radiant shine, edelweiss, rock crystal and taurin cleanses the skin and hair soft and without leaving any residue. Made in Switzerland

Viva Cool after-shave fluid 75 ml

The after-shave regenerative emulsion stops appearance of inflammatory processes, regenerates, nourishes your skin and makes it look well-groomed without a feeling of tightness. After shaving, this after shave fluid calms and cares for the skin and is quickly absorbed. It boosts moisture levels and prevents redness. Balancing and refreshing: leaving the skin looking radiant with new energy. Made in Switzerland

Viva Cool Eau de Parfum

The Eau de Parfum Viva Cool is a source of powerful attraction. Sensual and attractive, created by the inspiration of nature - the pure energy of the water of glaciers. The pheromone-like molecule of ISO E Super adds flavor to the fragrance and creates a unique aura. Flowering citrus creates an unusually refreshing aroma in a high note. The combination of woody and nutmeg shades in the main note creates a fresh and masculine aroma. Enjoy attention to the magnificent sound of musky, floral and fruity chords. Made in Switzerland

Viva Cool face and body shaving cream

Viva Cool Face and body shaving cream has a pleasant soft texture. It covers your skin, effectively nourishes and protects it, which is so important before shaving. Soaking into your skin and acting upon every hair this cream makes shaving a pleasant procedure with an ideal result. Made in Switzerland

Viva Cool roll-on deodorant

VivaCool’s unique male deodorant based on alpine glacial water, with natural ingredients that block the formation of unpleasant odors without causing allergies and irritation which guarantees protection and effective protection against unpleasant side effects for 24 hours. Made in Switzerland