Essential oils and 100% aromatic mixtures of essential oils. That is why they should not be applied on the skin undiluted. Therefore, there are basic organic vegetable oils for mixing in our product line for skin care. Mix the ingredients by creating an ideal blend for your skin. 

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100% Pure Avocado Oil 50 ml

Pure 100% Avocado oil. Basic oil for bath and massage. Contains vitamins А, В, D, and Е, and lecithin ("beauty oil") for normal, dry and fading face and body skin. Provides daily UV protection. Made in Switzerland 

100% pure Jojoba Oil 50 ml

Pure Jojoba oil for face, body, massage — one of the most popular oils in the world. Jojoba oil is rich in amino acids and proteins, as well as of vitamin E, has an antioxidant and regenerative properties. It absorbed quickly and penetrates and moisturizes without an oily residue, does not clog pores. Made in Switzerland