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100% pure essential oil Boswellia serrata “Incense India” 10 ml

A balmy, spicy soft fragrance full of dignity and character. Full of wisdom and fineness, it uplifts the spirits and has a centering and stabilizing effect. Can help to relieve the sensation of pain, regenerates, inspires and uplifts. Boswellia serrata oil has a number of useful properties and is widely used in aromatherapy and cosmetology. Due to its properties that promote cell renewal, frankincense oil is an ideal ingredient for anti-aging rituals, frankincense essential oil can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, toning and tightening the skin, leaving it fresh and youthful. Natural oil Made in Switzerland

100% pure essential oil Jasmine 10 ml

Scent: Flower, fruit, powder. A very complex, secretively delicate and aphrodisiac fragrance. Boots our self-confidence and helps release mental blocks and inner coldness. Antispasmodic and harmonizing. Jasmine essential oil is often dubbed the "Queen of the Night" because only after the sun sets this flower emits a strong scent. It is also known for its libido enhancement properties. As one of the most recognizable and well known oils, jasmine essential oil has excellent effects on skin, body and mind. Natural oil Made in Switzerland

100% pure essential oil Neroli 10 ml

A fascinating and sumptuous fragrance. Powerful, sweet and still loving. It provides clarity and gets you back on top of things if you are worn out and fearful. Relieves anxiety, harmonizing, uplifting and warming. This essential oil is also a natural remedy for anxiety, depression and stress. Inhale the strong scent and breathe deeply to release your mind immediately. Thanks to the calming effects you can get a better night's sleep. Natural oil Made in Switzerland