Vivaderm Med is a unique line and special care for skin prone to allergic reactions, intelligent care for especially sensitive skin. Thanks to the active ingredients and a unique ingredient composition that strictly complies with the INCI requirements, Vivaderm Med pharmacy-type cosmetics provide instant relief and regeneration of dry, damaged, irritated, allergy-prone skin.

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Vivaderm Hypoallergenic cream with urea, 100 ml


Vivaderm Hypoallergenic foam with Mahonia Extract, 250 ml


Vivaderm Med Deep-care hand cream, 75 ml


Vivaderm Med Face & Body cleansing gel, 200 ml


Vivaderm Med Facial cream, 50 ml


Vivaderm Med Lipid balancing body lotion, 150 ml


Vivaderm Med Regenerating eye cream, 30 ml


Vivaderm Med Sebium control gel, 30 ml