The main advantage of tea tree essential oil is the absence, in practice, of side effects: its use does not damage healthy tissues and does not cause irritation or burning. This precious natural oil is the basic ingredient of the extraordinary VITASAN TEA TREE product line.

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100% Tea tree oil with Kanuka and Manuka

A very famous oil with a spicy-herbal fragrance. An exclusive and carefully selected blend of three tea tree oils, which are unique in their combined effect. Widely applicable and highly effective. Made in Switzerland

Tea Tree cream with manuka and kanuka 100 ml

Therapeutic soothing skin care Tea Tree Cream with natural essential oils of tea tree, manuka, kanuka and lavender for various types of skin, especially for oily and combination skin. Helps to support the natural regeneration of the skin cells, restoring its elasticity. Helps to relieve irritation, redness, itchiness, peeling, inflammation, pain and regenerates injured or burned skin. Relieves itching after insect bites. Made in Switzerland

Tea tree tonic 200 ml

Antibacterial and disinfecting tonic with essential oils of tea tree, manuka and rosaline to trefor oily, combination and problem skin. Provides deep cleansing, skin treatment and protection. Normalises adipose gland secretion, cleans and contracts pores. Helps to remove juvenile pimples, acne, inflammation and irritation, heals skin microinjuries. Refreshes, regenerates and tones skin, especially after shaving. Perfect for daily use. Produced in Switzerland