Thanks to extremely wide experience of Italian manufacturing company “Locherber”, Vivasan decorative cosmetics combines naturalness and effectiveness. We understand what a modern woman needs to get a natural and flawless look, together with high-quality skin care and maximum skin protection.

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Anti-age cream “Lotum” Locherber 50 ml


Anti-ageing cream B.T.Y (30ml) Locherber


Anti-ageing serum B.T.Y (30 ml) Locherber


Anti-aging cream “Gold 24K” Locherber 50 ml


Anti-aging cream “Green caviar” Locherber 30 ml


Bronzing Powder Duo Golden Bronze SPF 15


Compact Eye Shadow 4 Colours


Cotton sache Dark Vanilla


Cotton sachet Absolute Green Tea


Cream DNA 24 hours Locherber 50 ml


Day cream Super Mallow Locherber 50 ml


Eau de parfum Absolute Green Tea


Eau de parfum Baltic Amber


Eau de parfum Dark Vanilla


Eau de parfum Fig and Rose of Tabriz


Eau de parfum Linen Buds


Eau de parfum Rice Germs


Eye brow


Eye recovery cream “Green caviar” Locherber 30 ml


Glitter Lipgloss Lg2 Rose


Hydrating Lipstick Coral SPF 15


Hydrating Lipstick Rose SPF 15


Intensive «Plant ceramides» Locherber


Intensive serum “Green caviar” Locherber 30 ml