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100% pure essential oil Juniper berry 10 ml

Juniper oil a strong, spicy-fruity fragrance with a scent of gin. For vitality and drive, allows us to regain our strength; invigorating and uplifting. Juniper oil is a meditation oil. Essential oil of juniper berry has a strong, spicy-fruity fragrance with a scent of gin. Made in Switzerland 

Juniper cream 100 ml

Therapeutic cream with essential oils of juniper, mountain pine, eucalyptus and cypress for relief of muscle and joint pain and prevention of cold and flu. Juniper cream covers the body with a protective film, safeguarding the body against infection and disinfecting the respiratory system. Highly effective juniper cream is well known for its stimulating properties and can have a beneficial effect when suffering from poor skin circulation or tired muscles. Suitable for "cold feet" and for a back massage. Beneficial to use before and after sport and manual work to warm-up the muscles, thus helping to reduce the risk of strains. Provides local warming effect. May help to breathe easier during a cold. Can be used for anti-cellulite treatment. Produced in Switzerland

Juniper syrup

The natural juniper extract is a highly concentrated food supplement of the highest quality. Alpine juniper syrup promotes the regular functioning of the immune and nervous systems, the urinary and respiratory systems. Composed of glucose syrup of vegetable origin and juniper extract (12%). Made in Switzerland