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Argana body cream 200 ml

Argana Body Cream with natural argan oil, almond oil, vitamin E and pro vitamin B5 for normal, dry, sensitive skin. Argana Body Cream with its soothing and moisturizing effect, improves skin elasticity and leaves skin feeling soft and supple. Helps to boost moisture levels and hydrate skin. Skin is left feeling smoother and conditioned. Vitamin E helps prevent the signs of premature skin aging. Massage a generous amount over dry skin after bathing or showering. Made in Switzerland

Argana body oil 200 ml

Argana body oil is specially formulated with natural argan oil, olive oil, soybean oil, palm oil and vitamin E to provide an extra care for your skin. Intense moisture for dry and dehydrated skin, as well as for normal skin. Helps to protect and regenerate the skin, improves skin elasticity and enhances skin tone. It leaves the skin supple and satin-smooth. Argana Body Oil provides optimum care for stressed and mature skin, perfect for daily use. Excellent massage as a base oil with a composition of essential oils. Made in Switzerland

Eye cream Vivaderm Med 30 ml

Regenerating eye cream is a rich lipid replenishing eye cream that soothes the delicate eye area. The allergen-optimized formula reduces tightness, protects against environmental damage and promotes cell regeneration. Hyaluronic acid maintains and restores the normal degree of hydration (moisture) of the skin, improves skin elasticity, accelerates the process of cell renewal. The skin is optimally supplied with moisture, appearing visibly smoother and rested. Made in Switzerland

Facial cream Vivaderm Med 50 ml

Vivaderm regenerating and anti-irritation cream is a deeply penetrating, soothing replenishing face cream. Hyaluronic acid maintains and restores the normal degree of hydration (moisture) of the skin, improves skin elasticity, accelerates the process of cell renewal. Made in Switzerland

Locherber Himalayan cream 30 ml

Himalayan Diamond cream combats all signs of advanced aging and gives the skin new vitality and beauty. Its multi-active formula, enriched with cordyceps sinensis, a precious Tibetan mushroom extract with remarkable redensifying and antioxidant properties, reduces the depth of wrinkles, neutralizes imperfections eliminating dyscromia. The complexion looks hydrated and velvety, incredibly renewed and extraordinarily bright. Produced in Switzerland

Locherber Vegetable & Fruit Fluid Concentrate

A true energy cocktail for the skin is a combination of natural active substances with a high content of vitamins, trace elements and bioflavonoids, which guarantee precious skin care, nourish it and regenerate it. Made in Switzerland

Purifying cream Locherber 50 ml

Purifying cream — a powerful antiseptic complex for oily skin with acne based on natural ingredients: extracts of algae, sage, lavender, rosemary, thyme and mint, vitamins A & E. Produced in Switzerland

Tonic lotion Secret of Serenity 250 ml

Viva Beauty Secret of Serenity tonic lotion – the clarifying tonic ensures a deep cleansing of the mature skin. Viva Beauty Secret of Serenity tonic lotion contains hyaluronic acid, which carefully cleans the skin, nourishes it intensively and protects it from environmental hazards. Produced in Switzerland

Сream «Stop couperose 24 hours» Locherber 50 ml

Sensitive skin with couperose requires specific treatments: protection from daily external aggressions, strengthening of natural defence systems (peripheral capillaries) overnight. The balanced formulation of this non-greasy cream absorbs easily meaning that you only have to use one single product over 24 hours. It is able to meet the demands of delicate and sensitive skin. The various natural extracts of Horse Chesunt, Mallow and essential oils act in synergy to stimulate peripheral microcirculation of the capillaries, by increasing their resistance to give healthy, hydrated and even skin tone. Made in Switzerland